Mobile App

Why Have An App?

Does your church or organization need a mobile app?
These are several reasons to consider providing an app:


People live busy, mobile lives, and their phones are almost always with them. When they need to access news, articles, videos or podcasts, an app makes it quick and easy to access that content.


Having an app on someones home screen gives your church or organization visibility. Better yet, push notifications mean you can get a quick message, update or reminder to your congregation or supporters.


Think about it, the apps you use most often tend to be very focused on doing one thing well. What is the information your audience most needs when out and about, or waiting in line? A good app is focused and does not try to do everything (that’s for your website – Faithlab can help with that too!).

Our Approach

There are two primary options for getting an app for your church or organization. One is to purchase a “church app” solution that is prebuilt, and you just add your church logo and content. These tend to be “everything but the kitchen sink” approaches, making the app cumbersome. The other approach is to hire a custom app developer and pay a significant fee for a focused app to be developed. For both approaches you have to both update content on your website AND in your app, adding to your workload.

Faithlab offers a better way. We use an app engine that saves time and money in developing an app that fits the needs of your church or organization. The app engine integrates with aspects of WordPress, meaning you update content on your site and it automatically pushes the same content to your app. Better yet, you get both an iOS and Android app, each with push notification capability.

Faithlab-Built Apps

Check Out These Apps


The GFM app is primarily designed to make reading articles, news and opinion easy and convenient. You can also access key additional areas of their work, including books, experiences, videos and podcasts.


The Way of Mission is a fresh approach to sharing your faith. The app introduces the approach, and offers regular “practices” to enrich your sharing. Music and videos enhance the experience.


Rather than duplicating their entire website, this app focuses on the kinds of content mobile users are most likely to seek: News, Sermons (text and video), Schedule and a Devotional Thought. The Devotional Thought is direct from the Reflections Devotional Guide feed from Smyth & Helwys.

Faithlab App Packages

Get started with our most popular package for churches.

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Apps for Organizations

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Faithlab holds developer accounts with both the iOS app store and Google Play app store.

Church Starter Package

Get started with our most popular package.

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Push Notifications
  • Splash screen design
  • Homepage icon design
  • WordPress website Integration (requires WordPress-based church website)
  • App Store Submission (iOS App Store and Google Play Store)
  • 7 Pages: Landing, News, Sermons, Schedule, About, Giving (links to website)

$2800 one-time development fee PLUS $59/mo app hosting